Sunday, 1 March 2015

Revolution | Radiance Palette

If I had to recommend one item from Make Up Revolution, it would be this palette. I would pay premium prices for these powders, which are amazing! It's eight pounds for the whole palette, and even though the outside looks a bit cheap, the inside is lovely, huge mirror and a nice matte...package. All three are really blendable, and very light but buildable if you want a more striking highlight. 

These powders are so natural and nice that they're really hard to photograph, I had to build them up a lot on my arm to swatch them. All three are quite different, and I think they would suit all skin tones. The far right shade is the most natural, and my favourite, it looks almost golden in the picture but its pretty much a natural...beige ish, skin colour with a fresh sheen which is wearable for every day, and so lovely. The middle shade is more of a classic champagne/ white/ gold highlighter, and a bit more ..obvious than the first one. Still lovely, and really nice for the brow bone. The last one I haven't actually used yet, but I know I will love in the Summer. It's pretty much a golden brown iridescent colour, and would look great on a darker skin tone, or on top of bronzer when I'm tanned in the summer.

I think this is a really good palette, only £8, and really worth it if you want a nice selection of highlighter shades. All three are very sheeny, not too glittery so no nasty chunks of glitter, but obviously some sparkly as its a highlighter.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x