Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hr Nude | Review & Swatch

 I dedicated an earlier post to the lack of pale foundations on the highstreet. I mentioned in the post that Rimmel had added a 'Porcelain' shade to their Lasting Perfection and Wake me Up lines, and I have purchased one recently (mostly because it was on offer and only £4) hoping it was finally the right colour.

Firstly, this is the 25 hr Nude foundation, and I have to say I prefer this formula to the original Lasting Perfection foundation. They are both really dewy and fresh looking, but this Nude version is a lot lighter and... just thinner and more natural looking. Really really nice, but definitely not a full coverage foundation, so if you want something with a bit more coverage, go for the original Lasting Perfection.

The colour is really really good. It's very pale, as you can see here it's a pretty good match to my skin tone, and blends in so easily. 
Compared to my other foundations, I feel like it is very pink toned (weirdly, it looks very yellow toned in this swatch) , and I've been mixing it with a slightly more yellow- toned base, such as the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 51 (Light Vanilla) or the Clinique Anti Blemish in 01 on bad skin days. 

This is the Bourjois healthy mix serum on the left and  the Rimmel Nude on the right- you can see here how pink toned it is compared to Bourjous. I definitely think I have more neutral undertones so I need to mix them both to get a better colour. 

It's a really nice foundation in general, and I would recommend it for any skin tones because its so light and blendable, and SO long lasting. I don't know about 25 hour, but definitely all day. Also, it almost looks better the longer you wear it which is weird.
The porcelain shade is really nice, if you're pale I would recommend picking it up, or having a look to see if it matches your skin colour.

Lou x