Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Winter Hand Hero

So it's winter and it's England, and my hands are very dry. 
If you're looking for a heavy- duty handcream to fix all the little dry patches between your fingers or on your knuckles- which I had, gross- this is the one. Big thank you to the guy in the Body Shop who helped me.
This is the Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector. I bought it on Saturday, it's Tuesday today and my dry bits, which were getting so bad I thought I had eczema, have almost completely healed already. It's really thick, and I wouldn't recommend putting it on your palms as it leaves behind a bit of an oily residue when you leave it places which don't need loads of mositure..like your palms. Unless they do, in which case, go for it.
I rub it into the spaces between my fingers and onto my knuckles in the morning and before bed, and maybe once during the day. I swear, it's amazing. Unlike other handcreams, it doesn't seem to come off when I wash my hands during the day, and sticks around, protecting your hands- hence the name I suppose- all day.
If you're looking for a serious hand cream for this ever lasting winter, I would have a look at this one. This tube was £5 but there's a 40% off code at the moment which made it really affordable. Plus you only need a tiny bit so it's going to last For. Ever.

Lou x