Wednesday, 29 April 2015

3 Products Worth the Hype

 Beauty can be expensive, and in the world of YouTube and Blogging, there are so many products which get hundreds, even thousands, of mentions. So, it's very hard to know- especially when you can't afford to throw your money around and not get results- what is worth your money. All three of these products are fairly 'hyped' in the internet beauty world, and I have to admit I bought them all a little bit because of bloggers/ youtubers recommending them, but have found that all three are totally worth the splurge.

1. Naked 2 Basics palette. Urban Decay eyeshadows in general are the best I've ever tried. I also own the regular Naked 2 palette, but I feel that the Basics 2 is such a staple in any make- up lover's collection.
Skimp and Stark are perfect base and highlight colours. Skimp is more shimmery, and Stark is a little darker and more matte. (Skimp is pretty invisible in this swatch picture, because it's the same colour as my skin.) Frisk is the perfect eyebrow colour for me, but also is a lovely cool-shade taupe for the crease, or even all over the lid. Cover is a beautiful neutral/ warm mid brown. Primal is a darker, more chocolate brown, and Undone is a deep, pigmented black.
So, you can do everything with this palette. Aside from Skimp, they are all matte shades, so you can do everything from eyebrows, highlight and eyeliner, from anywhere between natural to smokey. I can't recommend this palette enough, I've never seen anything as compact and matte- heavy on the highstreet, so I definitely think this is worth the £23 pricetag.

2. Clinique Pop Lip in Beige Pop
First of all, the formula is like nothing I've ever tried before. Creamy, comfortable and moisturising, but still pigmented and beautiful on the lips. Secondly, this colour is my perfect nude.

It's peachy, nudey, and beautiful. Perfect for everyday, or to balance out a smokey eye in the evenings. I have tried a couple of the others in a shop and they feel the same as this one, so I'm definitely looking to pick up a couple of different colours, probably Grape or Melon Pop, and at £16 they aren't as painful as a lot of high-end lipsticks.

3. Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado.
This seems to be a lot of people's favourite eye cream. At 21, I'm just starting to notice my eyes getting a little bit worn, obviously I'm not ageing dramatically, but I like to keep my eyes moisturised so they don't age prematurely, and so that my make- up sits a little nicer. This is thick and nourishing, but sinks in after 10 or so minutes, and just feels so lovely on the skin. It does nothing for blueness under the eyes, so if  that's what you're looking for, this isn't for you. BUT if you want nourishing, creamy goodness- even if it is a strange shade of green- then look no further.  This is £18 so it's not too bad as far as eye-creams go, and definitely a good one to start with.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x