Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Kiko Skin Glow

When Kiko say Glow, I say yes please.

 This is a nifty little number somewhere between a moisturiser and a glowy primer. It claims to be a light effect day cream which has SPF 10.

 It comes out of the tube looking like it has a tint to it but when you rub it in it just becomes transparent. The only down side to this is the tiny tiny glitter particles which run through it. BUT. I have tried it under foundation with direct sunlight, and you can't see it, I promise. 
I use this when I am applying make up in the middle of the day and it's been hours since my morning skin routine. It adds a light layer of moisture and makes a really nice base for foundation.
It somehow evens your skin out a tiny bit before foundation, so you could in theory wear it without any foundation on top,  but the glitter particles makes that a risky move, unless you want to look like Edward Cullen. And if you do, this is definitely for you.
In terms of moisturising, I wouldn't use this as my only moisturiser, as it is pretty light- definitely not enough for my de-hydrated skin- but if you only need a bit of moisture this might be enough for you.
I would recommend this as a really nice, purse-friendly moisturising, brightening primer which looks super high-end in it's beautiful pink packaging. Very impressed.
Thanks for reading!
Lou x