Thursday, 9 April 2015

Laval Eyeshadow Palette ~ swatches and review

I really need to calm down with the old eyeshadow posts don't I...
I just couldnt resist sharing this one, it's so beautiful and so incredibly CHEAP.

This is the Laval Nude palette, available on amazon for £2. £2! 
Have a look at that amazing selection of shades...

This is genuinely my second one of these, I actually had to repurchase it because I used the first one up. 
Such a great collection of nudes, but with a twist- a really reddy brown, a purple, khaki's and two peachy shades.
I really recommend this palette if you're on a budget, they last really well and blend like a dream.
Here are the swatches:

Oh ma gosh. Dat shimmer tho....

Check out my video to see the peachy shades in action:

Thanks for reading!
Lou xx