Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Best Nail Varnish Ever.

As a huge fan of Barry M (they dominate my nail varnish collection),  I was intrigued to try these Quick Dry versions. 
First of all, the selection of colours was amazing, I had so much trouble choosing just two! I couldn't wait to get them on my nails, and I was immediately so impressed when I did.
The brush is a little thicker than the normal formula, which made it quicker to apply, and the formula was opaque in one coat. Amazing.
But what makes this formula so great is the quick- dry aspect. It works. It dries. Quickly.

The colour on my nails is this one- 'Lap of Honour', which is really similar to my all-time favourite varnish, also from Barry M, called Berry Icecream. 

I also got this beautiful summery- peach called 'In a Heart Beat' which I am super excited to wear in the Summer.
If you're looking for some new nail colours, have a look at the quick- dry selection, they have lots of beautiful pastels and some brights too!

Thanks for reading!
Lou x