Thursday, 16 April 2015

This Thing Though...

Just a quick one today, to tell you that this thing is Great. Really really great.
I have been thinking about making the leap from brushes to a sponge for so long, and I finally took it, and bought the Real Techniques sponge for a fiver from Amazon. (There was NO way I was buying the real Beauty Blender...£20 for a sponge? Err no.) 
£5 seems a lot more reasonable, I would pay that for a good brush so I hoped that this would live up to the sponge hype.
Anyway, long story short, it's amazing. So quick to blend everything in, and makes your  foundation sit so so nicely on the skin. I haven't got any photos yet, because my skin is  having a mare at the moment, but when I've had a play around a few more times I will take some snaps and put them up on tha blog.
I really want to try some heavier and dryer foundations like the Double Wear light which I have but never wear because its cakes like a biatch.

So yeah, if you're hesitating, stop. Go for it. Take the plunge. Walk the walk my friends.
Got way too excited about this.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x