Sunday, 31 May 2015

3 Body Shop Skincare Favourites

The Body Shop really is a one-stop shop for skincare for anybody's face. As a brand, I really trust them, and have very rarely been disappointed with their products, so I thought I'd share my three current must-haves.

1. Vitamin E Moisture Cream
This is such a lovely all rounder for either day or night. I tend to wear this as a light night cream over the Overnight Oil, or during the day if I'm staying inside and don't need SPF. What I love the most about this moisturiser is that it sinks in really quickly and makes a really nice base for make- up, as well as such a good night cream. Love.

2. Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask.
Having combination/ dry skin with blemishes, using a purifying mask can sometimes be unpleasant, but this one is just great. It's definitely a heavy-duty mask; it really clears out your pores and makes your face feel so cleansed and purified in a non-dried out way. Its very thick and clay-y, so I do only use it on my oily areas- pretty much on my T-zone, nowhere near my cheeks or delicate eye area, because I just don't need it there. My skin loves this stuff, I think it really does the job.

3. Vitamin E Overnight Serum- in- oil.
Most of my skin needs a lot of moisture, and this is an amazing overnight oil. I did write about this recently in a post about using oils on your body, skin and hair, and basically I stand by what I said there- it's fantastic, smoothing and nourishing. I find that I can use this without a moisturiser over the top at night, but if I need a boost, I'll add a little of the moisturiser on my dry areas- forehead, cheeks and around my nose. I love this stuff, give it a go.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x

Monday, 25 May 2015

That Summer Base

I have long been embracing the natural colour of my skin. But, what I do not embrace, is the fact that I literally have not experienced the sun for months. As a student, I spend (spent- I have just finished) most days in my room/in the library, and therefore my skin has reached levels far beyond 'pale'. I mean, it was almost blue.
So, I've decided its ok to do a little bit of faking, as I have always felt better in the summer when my skin looks more healthy and glowy, and just more skin-like.
It's also very hard, in my experience, to look good with very pale skin, especially because I have never had perfect skin. I feel that the scars and the blemishes looked extra harsh on the white canvas of my face, whereas, in the summer, when my freckles are out in force, everything seems to look just a bit softer, ya know?
Anyway! After that rambly justification, I thought I'd share two splurge- purchases I made recently which have really made my skin feel and look naturally a lot better.

First of all, if you're like me, and the words 'fake' and 'tan' put images of blotchy hand creases and knees into your mind, fear not! This little gem works a treat for a boost of colour.
The Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster is a concentrated oil which you mix into your moisturiser (I use the Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser) at night, and let it gently tan your skin over night. I use two or three drops every other night, and have found that the results are amazing.
It is more of a yellow- tan than an olive tan if you get me- not in a bad way at all, but because my skin is quite yellow toned anyway, it works well for me.
The one caution with this is the blending. Always make sure you have blended in all of your moisturiser all over your face (and neck- that's where I went wrong) to make sure it doesn't leave any marks (which are quite subtle, but still noticeable).
But, if you use this right, your skin will have just that little tint of summer- skin- ness. Amazing. I love this, it's a new beauty must-have for me.

Secondly, the perfect summer base. And I mean perfect.
If you're a loyal beauty- blog reader or YouTube video watcher, you will know that this product has had a considerable amount of buzz about it since Day 1.
Its the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue.
This is essentially a really fantastic tinted moisturiser with SPF 30- perfect for Summer holidays and warmer weather in general.

I have mine in shade 02 Vanilla, which isn't the lightest shade, but is more yellow- toned than 01 Opal, which is more pink.
The texture is described as gel-like, and it is a bit. Really light and quick to blend into the skin. What I like most about this is how moisturising it is. With most bases, I find my forehead lines get pretty pronounced as my skin dries up throughout the day, and foundation tends to settle in the creases. With this, I don't get that at all. There's a glow on my skin all day long, and my skin feels nourished and plump.

You're thinking- 'I thought you said your skin is more tanned than usual?' Believe me, it the light is making everything more white- washed than it would normally be, but I hope you can see how natural my skin looks with the Complexion Rescue on. I have a dab of concealer under my eyes but nothing else, and I think the coverage isn't bad, considering I have my fair share of 'imperfections'.

So, if you're looking for a light SPF'd summer base which is glowy and just generally amazing, look absolutely no further. And, if you want that tint of summer sun before the sun even gets here, the Clarins Glow Booster is worth a look too. They're both pretty premium but I think they are totally worth the money, and I would buy both again.
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Lou x

Thursday, 21 May 2015

My Brow Game

(Don't you hate when Superdrug put those stickers on everything?)

For a girl with tri-colour hair which can look anything from brown to ginger to blonde on any given day, eyebrows have always been a problem. I also think it's quite hard to find decent eyebrow products in the drugstore for fairer hair. I've tried a lot of pencils, and have found so many red-toned browns masquerading as 'taupe' or 'blonde', including the Rimmel 'Hazel' eyebrow pencil which looked hideous on me. (If you have darker auburn hair, that pencil would be perfection for you).
Recently, I feel like I've really found my eyebrow jam. It started with the Soap & Glory Archery pencil, which I resisted for so long, but finally bit the bullet and gave it a go.

So my only gripe with this you can see in the top photo- the pencil end totally crumbled within weeks of buying it, but I'm fairly sure that's because I've thrown it around my room a fair few times. Fingers crossed my next one won't do that. I opted for the double-ended product, which has the pencil at one end and the pen at the other, since I figured it was only £2 more and basically double the product. Fabulous.
So basically I love this. The perfect colour, lovely natural finish, and both sides achieve pretty much the same result so it'll last twice as long! I've already bought two back ups, and I'm fairly convinced that this is my holy grail eyebrow product. (in the shade Love is Blonde.)

The second product is the L'Oreal Brow Plumper in Light/Medium, which is a really recent find, but one which I feel has taken my brows to the next level. I've always used a clear mascara as a brow gel, mostly because I didn't see the point of buying a tinted one if you've already filled your brows in, but also because I've never found a good one. This one is really good. It holds the hairs in place and apparently adds fibres to make your brows look thicker... I don't know about thicker, but my brows look ( I hope) pretty in- place and shaped. (I know I need to pluck my brows, exam period has just finished ok?)

So yeah, I think these two are a really good combo in colour and product, and I've heard great things about the darker shades too!
Thanks for reading!
Lou x

Friday, 15 May 2015

Make-up Revolution Salvation Palette in Romantic Smoked ~ Review and Swatches

When a palette is £4, you can't really go wrong, nor can you complain if 80% of the shades are useless or un-usable. But, with Make- Up Revolution, you know you'll get a cracking product, even for £4.
This is one of their Redemption Palettes, in Romantic Smoked, and I've had it for over a year now. Admittedly, I often forget about this palette, but while I was digging around my drawer the other day I remembered how much I love this little gem.

You can see how much use I've had out of it by the state of it! In terms of packaging, it's definitely pretty basic, but its the quality of the shadows inside which make this such a bargain.

So what do you get in this 'Romantic Smoked' palette? A really nice selection of mattes and shimmers, in colours which are a little bit different.
There's a shimmery white, which is only to be used with caution- personally, I'm don't normally reach for an icey white shimmer, but it's a good colour to have.
The shimmery rich brown is lovely, really pigmented and smooth- as most of these colours are.
The next shade is probably in my top 3 of the whole palette. Its almost a rose-gold shade which goes beautifully with a brown or purple colour in the crease. 
The olive/ green shimmer is a shade which I never thought I'd reach for, but I have worn this a few times. Not something for everyday, but definitely subtle enough to work some colour into your make-up look.
This next one is a bright shimmery lilac with silver glitter. Its really iridescent, and again, not one for everyday, but it's beautiful.
The last shimmery shade is more of a raw-red/brown with hints of purple and gold shimmer. I love this shade in the Autumn and Winter time.
Here we move onto the matte shades, and a couple of these are a little patchy, but build up beautifully to become opaque.
The lilac/ taupe is a really wearable every-day shade, and probably the one I've reached for most out of the whole palette. 
The matte brown/ khaki is a lovely colour on my green eyes, and would look amazing on brown or blue eyes too. This shade is so soft
The next shade is anther lilac, but greyer than the other. Not so easy to wear but a really nice colour to have on hand for a simple day time look or a smoky eye.
The next shade looks like its black but its actually a really dark green. Like, really dark. I can't say I've used this one, but its different, eh?
The penultimate shade is a very dark, smoky grey, which is useful for a soft smoky eye, but definitely not one for the day-to-day
The last shade you can hardly see here, but its a creamy light 'peanut butter' shade which is an amazing transition colour.

Overall this palette is a really good one to have in your collection as it has the balance of matte/shimmer, and a fair few interesting colours like the olive shimmer and the grey/lilac.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x

Friday, 8 May 2015

5 Summer Essentials

I've been planning for my holiday for months now, and one of the most exciting things about going on holiday- for me, because I'm sad- is packing my make-up and beauty supplies. Very sad.
Here are five things which have been on my list since the very beginning, and will eventually come away with me.

1. Fairly crappy sunglasses. I would -obviously- rather spend money on skincare and make- up, and of course, on the holiday itself. So, I am not inclined to spend money on my sunglasses, the main reason being because I can break anything practically just by looking at it, meaning that pricey sunglasses just aren't a practical idea for me. Secondly, I'd rather have a selection of choices than just one pair. Primark is the place to be for sunglasses, This pair of classic sunglasses were a single pound, and they also come in black. Amazing. I have a couple more pairs which also cost between one or two pounds, but these are definitely my most- worn. Bargain!

2. Something cheeky. (D'ya see what I did there?) Summer is definitely the time for intense highlight, sparkle, shimmer, and peachy shades. All of those things come together in this Make Up Revolution Baked Highlighter in Peachy Pink Kisses. Obviously, this is dupe for the Too Faced blushes, but I have to say the quality of this is absolutely top notch.

It is intensely high-shine, so definitely not one for those who don't like a healthy helping of shimmer. However, the glitter is very fine , so you won't end up with chunks all over your face, which is always good. I use this as a blusher, with the peachier side, or as an intense highlight, OR both, with a tan and some bronzer. Loverly. These are £5 each.

3. Something Easy on the Eyes. (I am so full of puns today its insane. Punsational.)
Intense blending and layering of eyeshadow is something I don't have time for on holiday, and I tend to lean towards more cream- formulated eyeshadow. These two shadow sticks are fabulously long-wearing and pigmented. they can be worn allover the lid, as a smudged- out eyeliner, or even together to create a burnt-peach smokey eye.
The top shade is from Bourjois and its one of their Colourband  2-in-1 Pencil and Liner in the shade Rose Fauviste which is a kind of peach/gold colour. It's an amazing formula which sets pretty much as it hits your eyelids, so you have minimal blending time, but it sticks to your lids all day. The brown shade is from Collection and its their Eyeshadow Pencil in Hot Chocolate. Same idea as the other one, great staying power and handy application, and the colour is a beautiful bronzey- brown, perfect for an easy- smokey summer eye.

3. SPF for your face. Very very important for holidays. I like to use this Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturise with SPF 30 to keep my skin safe and well- moisturised. Nothing much to say about this one apart from that its my perfect summer moisturiser- nourishing but not too heavy.

5. Finally, a mini- selection of bright nail varnishes is an essential for any holiday. I love a mint green in the summer ,especially if I look a little bit tanned. Lilac is my favourite nail colour for all- year round, so this Barry M Paint in Blueberry Icecream is a must- have. A red nail will never get old, but for the Summer, a more orangey- red looks great with tanned skin. If you already have darker skin, bright polish will already look fabulous on you all year round -lucky!

Thank you so much for reading!
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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Let's Talk about Oils

Fundamentally, the thought of putting oil anywhere on the body seems...strange. Especially as a girl with a fear of oil on my T-Zone, the idea of slapping on some oil was something I used to be horrified of. BUT, it's definitely a case of don't -knock - it-til-you- try- it,and I've actually come to love oils in all aspects of my beauty routine. Here are three suggestions to introduce you into the world of oils.

1. Oil for your hair. This is a good one to start with if you are nervous about trying oils for the first time, and it's the place on your body where oil feels the most natural. DON'T put hair oil anywhere near your scalp, unless you want to immediately grease your head up. I like this Garnier Ultimate Blends Oil because it adds shine as well as moisture to the tips of my hair,  but there are loads of alternatives on the highstreet.  I apply it after I've washed my hair while its still damp. Since I've started using oil on my hair I've noticed that the lengths and tips have looked and felt a lot more nourished with the extra layer of moisture.

2. Oil for your body. This Moringa Beautifying Oil is fantastic for hitting dry patches with some intense moisture. I love using this on my legs after shaving, as it really calms the dryness left over by the razor. This oil can also be used for hair, so is a good all-in-one product which I will definitely be taking away with me on holiday. (It also says it's ok for faces but I'm sticking to hair and body...don't want to rock the boat)

3. Oil for your face. The idea of wanting to put oil on your face is probably the most intense step in embracing oil into your beauty routine. This Vitamin E Serum-in-oil from the Body Shop is an excellent place to start. It feels like a silky oil on the skin, and I use it for night use instead of a moisturiser. As I have combination skin, I don't like to layer a moisturiser on top of this as I feel like it is too much for my skin to load another layer over this moisture-bomb. I love this, if you are nervous, have a feel of the texture in a Body Shop store and see how it feels. It leaves your skin feeling super smooth, and I feel like it helps to heal my scarring as well. Amazing.

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