Friday, 15 May 2015

Make-up Revolution Salvation Palette in Romantic Smoked ~ Review and Swatches

When a palette is £4, you can't really go wrong, nor can you complain if 80% of the shades are useless or un-usable. But, with Make- Up Revolution, you know you'll get a cracking product, even for £4.
This is one of their Redemption Palettes, in Romantic Smoked, and I've had it for over a year now. Admittedly, I often forget about this palette, but while I was digging around my drawer the other day I remembered how much I love this little gem.

You can see how much use I've had out of it by the state of it! In terms of packaging, it's definitely pretty basic, but its the quality of the shadows inside which make this such a bargain.

So what do you get in this 'Romantic Smoked' palette? A really nice selection of mattes and shimmers, in colours which are a little bit different.
There's a shimmery white, which is only to be used with caution- personally, I'm don't normally reach for an icey white shimmer, but it's a good colour to have.
The shimmery rich brown is lovely, really pigmented and smooth- as most of these colours are.
The next shade is probably in my top 3 of the whole palette. Its almost a rose-gold shade which goes beautifully with a brown or purple colour in the crease. 
The olive/ green shimmer is a shade which I never thought I'd reach for, but I have worn this a few times. Not something for everyday, but definitely subtle enough to work some colour into your make-up look.
This next one is a bright shimmery lilac with silver glitter. Its really iridescent, and again, not one for everyday, but it's beautiful.
The last shimmery shade is more of a raw-red/brown with hints of purple and gold shimmer. I love this shade in the Autumn and Winter time.
Here we move onto the matte shades, and a couple of these are a little patchy, but build up beautifully to become opaque.
The lilac/ taupe is a really wearable every-day shade, and probably the one I've reached for most out of the whole palette. 
The matte brown/ khaki is a lovely colour on my green eyes, and would look amazing on brown or blue eyes too. This shade is so soft
The next shade is anther lilac, but greyer than the other. Not so easy to wear but a really nice colour to have on hand for a simple day time look or a smoky eye.
The next shade looks like its black but its actually a really dark green. Like, really dark. I can't say I've used this one, but its different, eh?
The penultimate shade is a very dark, smoky grey, which is useful for a soft smoky eye, but definitely not one for the day-to-day
The last shade you can hardly see here, but its a creamy light 'peanut butter' shade which is an amazing transition colour.

Overall this palette is a really good one to have in your collection as it has the balance of matte/shimmer, and a fair few interesting colours like the olive shimmer and the grey/lilac.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x