Sunday, 28 June 2015

5 Beauty Things I Learnt This Week | A bit of a ramble

1. I do need the Naked One Palette. And I did buy it. OOPs.

I love my Naked 2 palette, but I do tend to lean to warm tones a lot of the time, and the Naked 2 just wasn't doing it for me in the Summer sun, ya know? So I was morally obligated to buy it.

2. Tan is the new Tan.

I have spent so long (my whole life, lol), telling myself it's okay to be pale, and to embrace the natural colour of my skin. Well, I've decided that the natural colour of my skin is pretty sucky. I've always struggled with skin issues on my face, and skinniness issues on my body, despite the hefty pasta portions and chocolate bars I'm constantly shoving down my throat (nice), and I feel like being the colour of paper makes everything look worse than it is. comment on my sticky out collar bones, because they see that my skin isn't ghostly white and so they think, hey, she must be healthy, she's been running around in the sun. Or something. (I don't know?)

3. Something is breaking me the fuck out.

I had perfect skin for about 3 to 4 weeks, which hasn't happened since I was 15. I'm serious, it was a glorious time for me. I'd awaken every morning, and poke my face, stunned at my good luck. Unfortunately, now the spots are back, I'm even more sour about them than I was before. Fuck off, I'm 21 already, aren't I done with the wacky hormones?

4. I bought MAC Creme Cup

...and it's completely identical to Clinique Beige Pop. Well, about 95% identical,  which is defintiely too similar to justify owing both. I'm annoyed because I spent ages researching a nice pinky nude from MAC, settled on Creme Cup, and when it arrived, realised that I pretty much don't need it. Bummer.

5. I'm so not about that full coverage life.

Despite the skin problems, I can't seem to find a foundation which doesn't make my skin look like cake face at the moment. Everytime I commit to a 'foundation day' I instantly regret it, and spend the day wishing I had stuck to my BareMinerals Complexion Rescue (the love of my life). Everything makes me look the wrong colour, the wrong texture, and the wrong amount of wrinkly. Which is very wrinkly. Come on, wrinkles and spots? Why.

Hope you enjoyed this rambly post, thanks for reading!
Lou x

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Worth the Hype? | Maybelline Lash Sensational

I must be the only person in the world who hates this mascara. I'm serious, I've tried it probably four times now, each time expecting the formula to have thickened, dried or changed in some way to make it USABLE.
I don't understand how people like this mascara. Maybe I have a dud, but the formula is so wet and clumpy, it makes my lashes look wet, but not in a good way. It is also so HARD to make it hold a curl on my lashes, even with  a lash curler- the formula is so wet that it drags my lashes down again.
The above photo is after two or three coats, a lot of finger-lash curling (pushing my lashes up like a madwoman), and a lot of anger.

I rest my case on this one, Ive had it for months and the formula hasn't got any better. I'm prepared to admit that I have fussy lashes, but I just can't be friends with this one, sorry Maybelline

Thanks for reading!
Lou x

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Maybelline Colour Sensational Shine Gloss | Review & Swatch

I've had this product for a while, and I've been back and forth with my opinion on it. But, I'm afraid, I've finally decided that I really do not like it that much at all.
I have mine in the shade 420 Glorious Grapefruit, which looks completely gorgeous and summery swatched here - a really bright but sheer orangey peach. Amazing.

On the lips it is definitely a sheer wash of colour, which I am totally okay with, and it's definitely not the way it looks or wears which makes me dislike it. It looks juicy and fresh, wears pretty well, and fades gracefully rather than patchily. However, there are a couple of things which just make the experience of using this gloss completely unpleasant for me.
Firstly, the smell/taste.
-A really obnoxious fake orange, which you think is quite fun for the first ten minutes, but then it lingers and gets into your mouth and tastes like you've munched up an orange soap, or a bottle of the Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel. Not nice.
Secondly, the texture is just so SO odd.
- It feels kind of gritty? When applied, it glides on smoothly and evenly and you're like  yeah, look at my lips. But then, that inevitable moment comes when you press or rub your lips together and it feels there is a bit of sand accidentally mixed in.
If I ever wanted to try out another colour to see if the texture is consistent across the line, I'm afraid I'm put off with the scent, so I'm closing the door on this product forever I'm afraid.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Bobbi Brown Corrector | First Impressions

I've been wanting this one for a long long while, but somehow shelling out almost twenty pounds for a concealer makes me want to cry a little bit.
BUT, no matter how much I sleep, my under eyes are always purple. Always. A normal concealer just isn't doing it for me anymore so I wanted something heavy duty and correcting, so I could layer it with normal concealer.

Surprisingly, the lady matched me up with Light Bisque, rather than extra light (thank you Clarins Glow Booster), and applied it for me. It's now been on my eyes for around five hours, and I haven't touched it apart from adding a little setting powder over the top. That is one thing I've noticed already- this is a very VERY creamy, tacky product. I never usually set my under eyes because they are so dry, but this was creasing so badly when I came home it definitely needed some powder.
So far I'm impressed with the coverage and staying power.

I'll keep you updated, but I have a feeling this is going to change my world.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x

Friday, 19 June 2015

First Impressions | L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

A while ago, when I purchased the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation and Brow Plumper, it was 3 for 2- so I picked up this- the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream in 'Light Skin Tone'.
It's been sitting in my drawer for a while, because...well mainly because I was a little bit scared of it.
The squeezy tube is very handy and sleek looking, but the product comes out a strange shade of grey/white. The idea is that it blends to match your skin tone once you rub it into your skin.

I tried the concept on my hand first...and I'm not sure about matching my skin tone, but at least it didn't stay white.

Here's my face with nothing but the BB cream on. First of all- application = Nightmare. Because it's white/clear until its spread onto your skin, you really can't see where you've been and where you haven't. Very annoying. I applied it with a buffing brush, and added more to my chin area to build up coverage- which it actually did pretty well.
The finish is so strange, and completely not what I expected. I would say it is a fairly natural finish, much more matte than I expected- but if it had actually been the right colour for me, it would just look like I had fairly even skin. So- obviously- the main problem is the colour. I'm going to have to bronze the heck out of my neck to make it match, because at the moment, my face is tangoed.

Overall- my first impression is that the application is easy and blendable, but flawed because of the nature of the product which doesn't allow you to see what you're doing. This colour, which was the lightest, is definitely too dark for me, and probably a lot of fairer skinned people. The coverage is a pretty solid medium- which is surprising for a 'nude bb cream'.
I'm not sure about this product, because of the colour, I don't think I'll be reaching for it that often- unless it wears amazingly. I'll keep you updated!

Thanks for reading!
Lou x

Travel Make - Up

When I visited Morocco recently, my make- up selection  proved surprisingly successful while I was away- so, I thought I would share it with you in a video! 
Go check it out on:

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Lou x

Monday, 15 June 2015

Empties Video

Do you enjoy watching people talk through their rubbish? I do! And if you do too, I made an empties video which you should watch. Hooraayyyy!!

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

GOSH Forever Eye shadow stick | Quick Review

I had an eyeshadow stick moment in Superdrug the other day, and ended up buying four. I've only been able to try one of them so far, so here is a quick review of the GOSH cosmetics Eyeshadow stick in 02 Beige.
As a swatch, it looks like a total dream... I don't know about "beige": it looks more like liquid gold to me.

When applying, it went on very smoothly and blended perfectly. However, as the day went on, I realised that it started looking... odd.

I don't know if any of my pictures show it properly, but it dried down after a couple of hours to a really weird texture and looked almost dry and patchy- you can almost see in the picture below, it's settled into a crease on my eyelid, which NEVER happens to me. Ever.
I don't know if this was because I have quite dry skin in general, and so maybe my eyelids are pretty dry, who knows.

So I'm not super impressed with this stick so far, which is a shame because it was pricey as highstreet make up goes, I think they were £6 each. I'm gonna give it another go, maybe on top of a base like a Maybelline Colour Tattoo, to see if it performs any differently.
 One of the other sticks I bought was a darker colour in the same range from GOSH, so I'll try and review that soon to compare the two.

Hope this is useful, thanks for reading!
Lou x

Friday, 12 June 2015

Budget Lip Combo

I had one of those moments at Superdrug yesterday when my basket collected make- up completely without my knowledge, I swear. I ended up spending almost forty pounds, and I've spent the last 24 hours in a state of excitement and spending- regret.
Anyway- these two products are a couple of the things I bought, and magically I managed to pick a lipliner which really compliments the lipstick.
The lipliner is one of Rimmel's Exaggerate Lip liners which are £3.99 I believe. We all know about how great East End Snob is, but this is the shade Addiction, and its a darker, more browny mauve-y purple. Lovely, there's a lot of the MAC Brave vibe about it.
The lipstick is Collection's Lasting colour in China Rose. By itself, this is more of a dark, rosey pink, but with the lipliner it becomes more dusty and browny - beautiful. I'm pretty sure these lipsticks are £2.99, but I got mine 2 for £5 at Superdrug, so check that out. The formula of this lipstick is unbelievably creamy; it feels high-end despite the packaging, which I have to say is pretty horrible.
But, for two budget lip products, I think the formula and finish of both is really good, and the Rimmel lipliner makes sure the colour stays put for a good few hours.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Barry M Quick Dry ~ Pit Stop

Barry M is my go- to nail varnish brand, and I rarely venture beyond their collection to look for a new colour. The Quick Dry range is just fabulous- I've had Lap of Honour for a while now, and it's become my favourite nail varnish because of the colour and the formula, which is extremely quick drying (duh) and long wearing. I had to get another colour from the range, and I love a really pale grey nail so I purchased Pit Stop. Amazing. Feast your eyes. It's opaque in one coat, but I did two to prolong the wear time.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x

Make Up Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit

I've been on the look out for a budget Bronze/Blush//Highlight kit for a while now, mainly for the convenience. So- I was really excited to see this offering from Make Up Revolution for around £3.50. I got mine in the shade Ultra Fair, and I've worn it a couple of times to check the wear time, which is surprisingly good.

(I did film a little video of my applying it but it was too large to upload to my blog, so I'll make a YouTube video and upload it soon)

 I would say the best of the threesome is the bronzer/contour. It's very pigmented but blends out like an absolute dream. The blusher is my least favourite because, when teamed with the highlight, the two together is a lot of shimmer. But hey, its summer so who cares? The highlight is beautiful; not chunky or glittery like a lot of cheaper highlights, but really shimmery and pretty, lav it.
I think this is a really good mini- palette, and definitely one to pick up if you're heading away on holiday and you want a quick fix.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Blue Eyeliner | Video

It's been a while, but I've just chucked up a new video on my YouTube channel, and it's of  this daytime bright eye look with blue eyeliner. I personally find blue anything on my eyes pretty scary, but I think in the summer its more ok to experiment with bright colours in make up; and blue looks lovely on any skintone with any eye colour.

Hope you enjoy!

thanks for reading!
Lou x

Monday, 8 June 2015

3 Quick Summer Holiday Essentials

I've previously mentioned that I love packing make-up and skincare for holidays, and its true. But, there are a few bits and bobs which I tend to forget/ think I don't need/ underestimate my dependence on, and therefore get left behind. So, here are three things which aren't necessarily exciting products, but I've decided are my absolute essentials for any summer holiday.

1. Dry Shampoo.
For some reason, when I go away I tend to think that I won't need this, but every time I've left it behind I've regretted it/ had to purchase one in a foreign country. This time I took a travel size Batiste bottle with me to Morocco and finished it within 4 days. Perfection for days when you don't have time to waste washing hair between day trips, pool days, and general holiday fun. If I was going on a holiday for a little longer, I'd definitely take a full size can to see me through the week.

2. Nail Polish Remover Pads.
Unless you've gone and got an amazing holiday manicure, you'll probably be switching up your nail varnish during your  holiday. I definitely love a bright nail, so these pads are handy for holidays as an alternative to taking a whole bottle of nail varnish remover and millions of extra cotton pads.

3. Lip Balm.
I have forgotten lip balm when I've gone away so many times, so I've learnt the hard way that its an essential. Somehow, it's just something I don't think about within make-up or skincare, and so it does inevitably get left out occasionally. But, especially on a hot sunny holiday, something to rehydrate and protect the lips is very important, so I really like this Body Shop SPF 15 Vitamin E Balm as a handy option.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Travel Skincare | Morocco

Travelling with only hand luggage is a struggle, and I was forced to summarise my normal skin routine for this four day trip to Morocco. I was unable to take my Serozinc from La Roche Posay because it's too big, and that's definitely the product I miss the most, and my face mask was confiscated at baggage check in Bristol Airport. So this is my selection of skincare, comprising of a few minis which I've been able to test out during my break.
(I'd like to apologise for the state of my photos- I forgot to bring my SD card converter so I'm relying on my phone camera for the minute)
So, in order of the day-
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
This came from a one-off beauty box months ago, and I've been saving it because of it's handy size. I'm definitely more of a cleansing balm-rather-than-oil girl, so I wouldn't say this is my favourite cleanser of all time. It's definitely more oil-y than the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil if you know what I mean; it doesn't quite lather up and melt off my make- up like that one does. Not a huge disappointment, but not great.
Clinique Take the Day off make-up Remover
Again- what a handy travel size. This was the biggest surprise of the whole lot. It's a heck more oily than I thought it would be, I expected a more water-y consistency, but it's a definite oil-based remover. It gets make-up off pretty well, but when used all over the face to remove base products, it leaves a kind-of film on the skin which needs to be cleansed with another round of the DHC stuff. I'm not sure about this one, I'll definitely be sticking to Micellar water when I get back home.
La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +
My tried and true skin saviour. This and the Serozinc I swear are responsible for keeping my skin under control. It fades my pigmentation/ scars from spots around my chin and jawline, and prevents new ones from popping up. I use it day and night after cleansing, and maybe dotted on any blemishes I can feel arising to keep them at bay. I love this stuff.
Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturiser SPF 30
I wanted to bring a really nice facial moisturiser with a high SPF, and after doing my research, I purchased this beauty. It was definitely worth my money, and is definitely a new summer favourite. It's quite a thick consistency, but I like that as I have dehydrated skin and I like to slather on the moisture wherever possible. Definitely keeps sunburn at bay, and sits nicely under make- up. Love it.
The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Balm SPF 15
Pretty much just your basic lip balm, quite a thick consistency so it stays nicely on the lips. It has a strange matte-like finish to it, rather than the gloss of most lip balms, and works well under lipstick. I would have preferred to find a balm with a higher SPF, but I hadn't managed to before I came on holiday- but this is definitely a good one.
Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avacado
Again, another tried and true. Really moisturising and rich, I recommend this to anyone as it has everything I could want from a night- time eye cream.
Clinique Moisture Surge 
I brought this along as my night moisturiser, and I've been really pleasantly surprised with it. The cream has a really light texture, but it is definitely a 'surge' of moisture. Definitely enough for my dehydrated skin, even after a day in the sun, and sinks into the skin really quickly after application.

Hope you enjoyed this little run-down of my travel skincare for a short break in Morocco, thanks for reading!
Lou x

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Quick Review | A Bargain Blush

This is the Collection Gorgeous Glow Blush Block, and it's such an amazing bargain I needed to do a speedy review.

The striped 'brick' design is reminiscent of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, but obviously at a smidgen of the price.
I use this by swirling my brush into all of the colours and applying it as one shade to my cheeks. It is a peachy pink sheer-ish soft powder with a golden sheen, which makes it amazing for summer, and beautiful on tanned skin.

You can see it here swatched and blended in on the left, to show that it can really be sheered out and worn even on the palest skin. Because of the shine in the powder, it would make a beautiful peachy highlight on darker skin tones, as well as a great blush on fairer skin.
The staying power is actually pretty good. It has at least a 6-8 hour wear, and I found that I didn't need to re-apply it during the day when I wore this to work.
Fabulous, and a bargain at £2.99. Check it out!

Thanks for reading!
Lou x