Monday, 8 June 2015

3 Quick Summer Holiday Essentials

I've previously mentioned that I love packing make-up and skincare for holidays, and its true. But, there are a few bits and bobs which I tend to forget/ think I don't need/ underestimate my dependence on, and therefore get left behind. So, here are three things which aren't necessarily exciting products, but I've decided are my absolute essentials for any summer holiday.

1. Dry Shampoo.
For some reason, when I go away I tend to think that I won't need this, but every time I've left it behind I've regretted it/ had to purchase one in a foreign country. This time I took a travel size Batiste bottle with me to Morocco and finished it within 4 days. Perfection for days when you don't have time to waste washing hair between day trips, pool days, and general holiday fun. If I was going on a holiday for a little longer, I'd definitely take a full size can to see me through the week.

2. Nail Polish Remover Pads.
Unless you've gone and got an amazing holiday manicure, you'll probably be switching up your nail varnish during your  holiday. I definitely love a bright nail, so these pads are handy for holidays as an alternative to taking a whole bottle of nail varnish remover and millions of extra cotton pads.

3. Lip Balm.
I have forgotten lip balm when I've gone away so many times, so I've learnt the hard way that its an essential. Somehow, it's just something I don't think about within make-up or skincare, and so it does inevitably get left out occasionally. But, especially on a hot sunny holiday, something to rehydrate and protect the lips is very important, so I really like this Body Shop SPF 15 Vitamin E Balm as a handy option.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x