Sunday, 26 July 2015

3 Budget Lip Balm Reviews

Admittedly, lip balms aren't a super exciting beauty product, and certainly something I don't get incredibly excited about. However, finding a good one, or two, ensures your lips stay moisturised and plump looking- meaning your lipstick will go on a lot smoother (priorities). I currently have three hanging around in my room so I thought I'd do mini reviews to let you know which ones are worth grabbing.

Carmex. Where the hell was I before I had Carmex? Kidding myself with pots of Vaseline, probably. Carmex is the bomb, simply because it works. The smell of the original one is very recognisable, and I would recommend going for the mint version if you've a sensitive nose. Love it, and the SPF makes it perfect for day time wear.

Ah, the Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Balm. This is the most expensive of the three, I think, and my least favourite. It's quite a thin, waxy consistency which I don't particularly like, and it also has a very strange smell/ taste. I don't reach for this at all anymore, but it's going to stick around in case I ever run out of the other options.

This is my favourite night- time lip balm- the Nivea Essential Care. It's smooth, quite thick, and definitely nourishing- probably my favourite of the three. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, especially as it's only a couple of pounds.

So, this may have been a very boring post, but a good lip balm is just one of those things you always need.
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Lou x

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Primark Does... Lips

The inner snob in me shivers a little a bit about putting something from Primark on my mouth. What if a small snotty child has sucked it or stuck it up it's nose or something? The grotesque possibilities are endless.
Snobbery aside, I bought these two lip products from Primark recently, and firstly, I'd like to comment that the packaging is actually fairly sleek looking. If you didn't know it was Primark, I think you'd be a little impressed, right?

Swatch- wise, this is the Matte Crayon in the shade 06. I have been pleasantly impressed with this product so far. I'm not hugely into matte lips at the moment, I'm more for the glossy, natural look as I have fairly small lips and I find the fresher- looking finishes just look...fresher on me. Ya get me? Anyway. It is smooth and thick feeling going onto the lips- not in a bad way- creamy drying down to a nice, even smooth finish. The key word here is 'dry', which is definitely does end up. BUT, not in an uncomfortable way. I found wear time to be surprisingly good on this, and instead of cracking or flaking (one reason I am wary of matte lips, even thought I love them), this tends to do a more stain-like fade on the lips.
The second swatch, and the photo below, is the lipliner used all over the lips.

It is a very creamy formula, really easy to apply, and definitely comparable to the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners.

With the lip crayon added over the top, it makes the colour a little pinker and lighter, but the two definitely work colour-wise together. However, I'm not one for a thick, matte lip- as mentioned- so I don't think I would wear them together like this. Separately, they have a very similar creamy feeling which dries down to a comfortable matte.

The third swatch is Rimmel's East End Snob, which I added to compare the colours. It's pretty close to the lipliner, put a little pinker than the crayon, which is slightly more peach.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with these two products from Primark, you definitely can't go wrong for such a good price tag. Out of the two, I would recommend the lip liner, because it was £1 and a really nice staple pink/mauve colour.

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Lou x

Monday, 13 July 2015

New Kids on the Block | Eyeliner and Mascara Review

I'm pretty fussy with mascara and eyeliner- eyeliner especially- and I find it hard to try new ones and like them. However, this Maybelline Falsies Volum Express Flared Mascara (long enough name?) has really impressed me recently, and I can see myself repurchasing it fo sho.
Black liquid eyeliner is a product I haven't switched up since the very beginning of my make-up journey. I've been using the Collection Liquid Liner for literally years, too scared to try anything different... until now. This L'Oreal Super Liner is the Bomb.Com I have to say. A super skinny nib, excellent staying power which definitely rivals my beloved Collection version, and very easy to apply. The only con to this product is the thickness of the liquid itself. It isn't quite as black as my Collection one, and needs a little layering to make it super intense. But, the precision you get with the super fine felt nib makes up for the slightly thinner consistency.

I didn't actually curl my lashes this morning when using the mascara, because I've been wearing make up quite regularly and I thought I'd give my lashes a break. Admittedly, it made building the product up a little harder, but I'm amazed with the results- this is probably 3/4 coats and it's not clumpy.
I've been wearing both for over a week now and I haven't noticed smudging or flaking as yet, so a big thumbs up for the wear-time.
Definitely two products I would recommend!
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Lou x

Sunday, 12 July 2015

June Faves

My June Favourites are up! Better late than never hey? Check it out on:   or search Lou'sBeautySpot on YouT'ube,

Hope you enjoy! :)
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Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Budget Base

I really love a good cream eyeshadow base, and when it comes in at £1.99, it's even more exciting. This is the Miss Sporty Glossy Shadow in 160 Peanut Butter, and I think it is amazing and you need to go buy it right now.

You can see here that the colour is a beautiful, high- gloss, almost wet- look mauvey browny pink? Would you say? This is such a versatile colour, and can be used as a base for a bronzey brown eye look, a pink look, a purple look, or a peach look. Pretty much all the looks I regularly do, and I love the glossy finish so it looks great by itself too. Powder eyeshadow miraculously blend into the cream seamlessly, without setting it first, and I haven't noticed any creasing once I've layered other products over the top.

I finished my eyes off with these products (as well as liner and mascara, obviously). I used Kiko shadows in 233, which is a beautiful cranberry/ purple satin shadow, and 220, which is a really shimmery golden peach. I used 233 in the crease and on the outer half, and then dusted 220, which is fairly sheer, over the inner part. I then used this cream eyeshadow pencil from Collection on my inner corners.

I really love this look, and especially the Miss Sporty eyeshadow pencil, which I think is amazing quality and a beautiful colour for the price.

Hope you enjoyed this!
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Lou x

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Clinique Cheek Pop | Melon Pop

These have had a fair amount of hype over the last few months, and I've been very slow to invest in one. The £16 price tag on such a small product can seem a bit steep, but the quality makes it worth it.

I chose Melon Pop because I love a peachy blush, especially in the summer. The finish of this blush is matte, without shimmer or glitter, but it still looks natural and pretty on the cheeks. It's definitely a buildable product rather than being super pigmented, which I actually prefer in a blusher, because blending scary clown cheeks is my least favourite thing. I apply this with the Real Techniques Multi Tasker and the lasting power is 6hours +.

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Lou x

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Travel Brush Edit

Being away from my full selection of make-up brushes really stresses me out, and I find it just as hard to limit my brushes as my actual make- up when I go away.
I always limit my selection to whatever I can fit into one of these Real Techniques pouches, which can comfortably hold these 9 brushes.
I also carry my travel powder brush in my bag at all times, so I have no need to pack an extra one when I go away.
It goes without saying that most of my brushes in general are Real Techniques, and when I go away I tend to take my favourites...which, funnily enough, are Real Techniques too.

Face brushes

Face brush wise, on this trip, I took my sponge, which I don't normally do because it's so annoying to travel with.
My Buffing Brush is my pick for base application. It blends in my foundation or whatever I'm putting on my face really well, and its nice and big and easy to use.
I use the Expert Face Brush for bronzer. I find that the dense bristles blend and buff a soft bronzer (normally the Body Shop Honey Bronzer) into my skin really well.
The Multi Tasker brush is fab for blusher; nice and big and cheek shaped. It doesn't plonk too much product on your chops, but if it does, you can always wack out the expert face brush for an extra blend.
The Elf Blush Brush is fabulous for highlight. If I'm using a powder highlight I will normally reach for this brush to swipe it along my cheekbones and blend  into the rest of my face products. Really cheap too! If you're really good with setting your under-eyes, this is a great one for that too.
The RT duo- fibre eye brush is my favourite for concealer. Either under my eyes or around a blemish, this is a really good one for softly buffing in product for a seamless finish.


Eyes- wise (oo-er), I managed to pack almost the whole essential eye kit from Real Techniques without meaning to.
The Base shadow Brush is great for exactly that- getting the base of your shadow down. It's great for packing or brushing product onto the lids.
The Domed shadow Brush is fabulous for the crease. It's just the right size so that you get just enough in the right place, and just the right consistency to blend everything out beautifully.
The Duluxe Crease Brush is perfect for blending. Dodgy edges, complicated blending and colour-layering, this brush does it all.
The Accent Brush gets right up under the bottom lashes, or right into the crease if you're trying to get a more intense contrast. It's also great to wing out colour, or pack a dark colour on the outer corner, as it's so precise, it's hard to go over- board.

I find that for a trip, this collection covers the basics and allows me to do everything I want. If I'm away for more than a few days, I'd definitely give them all a wash, especially the concealer brush, to keep them clean.

Hope you enjoyed this, and it was helpful!
Thanks for reading
Lou x

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Naked 1 and 2 Comparison | Swatches and Review

 We all know the drill, the Urban Decay Naked palettes are pigmented, buttery goodness with excellent lasting power. I've owned Naked 2 for almost a year now, and I had a tough time deciding which would be my next purchase. I decided on Naked One, mostly because I know there's a couple of really good, staple, warm brown mattes in there which I am definitely missing in my collection. On top of that, what's a dozen more shimmery browny/ gold shades?
Instead of just swatching Naked One, I thought I'd investigate a few of the similar shades between Naked One and Two, so we can see how many colours truly cross over between the two palettes.

First comparison: Naked One, Virgin and Naked Two, Bootycall.
On the surface of it, these two look very similar- shimmery champagne-y goodness. Up close, Virgin is a lot more pink-toned, whereas Bootycall takes on a more cool goldy- undertone. Very similar, but definitely with something between them.

Naked One, Sidecar and Naked Two, YDK
Probably my favourite shade(s) in the two palettes. Buttery, smooth, shimmery goodness, a brown with a hint of pinky/mauve. They are both very coppery, and I think the most colours similar between the two palettes. If you want something a hint more pink, Toasted in Naked One is just a more flushed version of these two.

Naked One, Hustle and Naked Two, Busted
Some lovely Satin- finish chocolate browns. Very similar, but you can definitely tell that the Naked Two offering is cooler toned and slightly darker.

Naked One, Smog and Naked Two, Snakebite.
In the pan, I was fooled into thinking that these are almost identical. Swatched, Smog is a lot more yellow, even khaki- toned than Snakebite, which is a cooler mid-toned shimmery brown.

Naked One, Buck and Naked Two, Tease
Only similar at a glance in the pan, when swatched these are completely different. Tease is definitely my most- used shade in Naked Two: a really perfect cool mauve matte. Buck is a mid- toned warm brown which is excellent when creating a brown smokey eye.

Naked One, Creep and Naked Two, Blackout
You would think both palettes has a nice, basic matte black. But infact, only Naked Two does. Creep is more of a charcoal grey with chunky glitter, which is pretty but defintely not up to the standard of the silky smooth, deep black of Blackout.

I think, for a make-up junkie, having both the Naked One and Two really provides the full range of browns, bronzes, nudes and coppers, meaning I don't think I'll ever need to ( although I will want to), buy another palette based around those shades. I love them both, and I'm already waiting for a time when I can buy the Naked Three...

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful!
Lou x