Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Naked 1 and 2 Comparison | Swatches and Review

 We all know the drill, the Urban Decay Naked palettes are pigmented, buttery goodness with excellent lasting power. I've owned Naked 2 for almost a year now, and I had a tough time deciding which would be my next purchase. I decided on Naked One, mostly because I know there's a couple of really good, staple, warm brown mattes in there which I am definitely missing in my collection. On top of that, what's a dozen more shimmery browny/ gold shades?
Instead of just swatching Naked One, I thought I'd investigate a few of the similar shades between Naked One and Two, so we can see how many colours truly cross over between the two palettes.

First comparison: Naked One, Virgin and Naked Two, Bootycall.
On the surface of it, these two look very similar- shimmery champagne-y goodness. Up close, Virgin is a lot more pink-toned, whereas Bootycall takes on a more cool goldy- undertone. Very similar, but definitely with something between them.

Naked One, Sidecar and Naked Two, YDK
Probably my favourite shade(s) in the two palettes. Buttery, smooth, shimmery goodness, a brown with a hint of pinky/mauve. They are both very coppery, and I think the most colours similar between the two palettes. If you want something a hint more pink, Toasted in Naked One is just a more flushed version of these two.

Naked One, Hustle and Naked Two, Busted
Some lovely Satin- finish chocolate browns. Very similar, but you can definitely tell that the Naked Two offering is cooler toned and slightly darker.

Naked One, Smog and Naked Two, Snakebite.
In the pan, I was fooled into thinking that these are almost identical. Swatched, Smog is a lot more yellow, even khaki- toned than Snakebite, which is a cooler mid-toned shimmery brown.

Naked One, Buck and Naked Two, Tease
Only similar at a glance in the pan, when swatched these are completely different. Tease is definitely my most- used shade in Naked Two: a really perfect cool mauve matte. Buck is a mid- toned warm brown which is excellent when creating a brown smokey eye.

Naked One, Creep and Naked Two, Blackout
You would think both palettes has a nice, basic matte black. But infact, only Naked Two does. Creep is more of a charcoal grey with chunky glitter, which is pretty but defintely not up to the standard of the silky smooth, deep black of Blackout.

I think, for a make-up junkie, having both the Naked One and Two really provides the full range of browns, bronzes, nudes and coppers, meaning I don't think I'll ever need to ( although I will want to), buy another palette based around those shades. I love them both, and I'm already waiting for a time when I can buy the Naked Three...

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful!
Lou x