Thursday, 2 July 2015

Travel Brush Edit

Being away from my full selection of make-up brushes really stresses me out, and I find it just as hard to limit my brushes as my actual make- up when I go away.
I always limit my selection to whatever I can fit into one of these Real Techniques pouches, which can comfortably hold these 9 brushes.
I also carry my travel powder brush in my bag at all times, so I have no need to pack an extra one when I go away.
It goes without saying that most of my brushes in general are Real Techniques, and when I go away I tend to take my favourites...which, funnily enough, are Real Techniques too.

Face brushes

Face brush wise, on this trip, I took my sponge, which I don't normally do because it's so annoying to travel with.
My Buffing Brush is my pick for base application. It blends in my foundation or whatever I'm putting on my face really well, and its nice and big and easy to use.
I use the Expert Face Brush for bronzer. I find that the dense bristles blend and buff a soft bronzer (normally the Body Shop Honey Bronzer) into my skin really well.
The Multi Tasker brush is fab for blusher; nice and big and cheek shaped. It doesn't plonk too much product on your chops, but if it does, you can always wack out the expert face brush for an extra blend.
The Elf Blush Brush is fabulous for highlight. If I'm using a powder highlight I will normally reach for this brush to swipe it along my cheekbones and blend  into the rest of my face products. Really cheap too! If you're really good with setting your under-eyes, this is a great one for that too.
The RT duo- fibre eye brush is my favourite for concealer. Either under my eyes or around a blemish, this is a really good one for softly buffing in product for a seamless finish.


Eyes- wise (oo-er), I managed to pack almost the whole essential eye kit from Real Techniques without meaning to.
The Base shadow Brush is great for exactly that- getting the base of your shadow down. It's great for packing or brushing product onto the lids.
The Domed shadow Brush is fabulous for the crease. It's just the right size so that you get just enough in the right place, and just the right consistency to blend everything out beautifully.
The Duluxe Crease Brush is perfect for blending. Dodgy edges, complicated blending and colour-layering, this brush does it all.
The Accent Brush gets right up under the bottom lashes, or right into the crease if you're trying to get a more intense contrast. It's also great to wing out colour, or pack a dark colour on the outer corner, as it's so precise, it's hard to go over- board.

I find that for a trip, this collection covers the basics and allows me to do everything I want. If I'm away for more than a few days, I'd definitely give them all a wash, especially the concealer brush, to keep them clean.

Hope you enjoyed this, and it was helpful!
Thanks for reading
Lou x