Thursday, 20 August 2015


Oh god, my purse hurts just looking at these photos. I went shopping with a friend and ended up buying this. To be honest, I have only myself to blame, I was in a splurge-y mood, and something had to happen. Somehow, I justified myself out of buying an Hourglass Powder, but then bought this which was only £5 cheaper. Logical. 

If you're a beauty lover, you'll know that this is a Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in liquid form. I went for Moonstone, but for a minute almost convinced myself that I wanted Pearl, which is more of a white-based highlight, whereas this is slightly more champagne/ golden.

The price tag makes me wince. No wait, not wince, cry. Hysterically.
But, a girl's gotta shop, and sometimes nothing is more satisfying than a huge, spontaneous splurge on something you totally don't need. (Do you see me justifying this to myself?).
But, this is a cult classic, and something which I don't have in my collection at the moment, unless you count the Revlon Skin Lights (which I don't because it's more bronze-y so it can't highlight my face).

I haven't been able to play with it a huge amount yet, but I've been using it as a regular highlight, and I just love it. It's such a natural wet-looking sheen which just looks beautiful, and so far I'm really impressed. I'm looking forward to playing around with it a little more, maybe mixing it into a foundation to see how that works!

Happy splurging!

Lou x