Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Stila In The Garden Palette

This is my first go with this palette, and I wanted to create something really wearable. Looking at the colour selection, it can come across a little bold: mossy greens and bright blues which might be bit outside your comfort zone. 

I think greens can definitely be wearable, especially at this time of year, and I really love this combination.

First of all, I washed Nectar in my crease just to create a little depth. There definitely wasn't a good selection of matte shades in this palette, which could be a downside for some people, but Nectar was just about dark enough to give the lid a little dimension.
I then went ahead and washed Breeze all over  the lid and Bark on the outer third and on the lower lash line. I added a hint of Chinois in the inner 1/4 and finished with a small dash of the liner which was included along the top lash line.

The shadows and the liner lasted so nicely all day, and I really love the soft day time look I managed to get from this palette.

I will hopefully manage to do a full swatch review on the whooole palette so you can see the beautifulness of it. I'm also really excited about using the blues... which look amaaazinggg...hang tight, coming soon!

Thanks for reading!
Lou xxx

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Clinique High Impact Mascara | Review

I know mascara reviews aren't the most fun, so I'll just be throwing some pictures at you and moving along, m'k? 
I am definitely against the principal of high-end mascaras. It's such a boring make-up item, and yet something which makes such a difference to your face.
I got this Clinique High Impact mascara by accident really- it came as part of a Clinique skin care beauty box I got myself, and I hadn't been excited to try it. I basically had to because my Maybelline one ran out. 
I have to say though, I was pleasantly surprised, and if you're into high end mascaras, this is definitely a good one. It does all the right stuff- lengthens, curls, holds, separates, doesn't flake etc.

Well, the proof is in the pudding.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x

Monday, 21 September 2015

Urban Decay Afterglow Blusher Review

Oh hey there sexy. Oh hey.
I friggin love this blusher. It was absolutely an impulse purchase, I got a bit excited at the Urban Decay counter a couple of weeks ago and came away with this and a lip product, which I will be reviewing soon.
So the Afterglow blushes are meant to be longlasting and pigmented, which I totally agree with. That being said, this shade (Fetish) is quite dark for my skin tone, but I can still get a nice application with it without looking like a crazy clown. Always a bonus.
 If it does get a little intense,I take my foundation brush and run it around the edges to blend.

I think this shade is a beautiful winter-y pink, perfect for all skin colours.
And can we talk about the packaging? I love it- its so classy and hefty and b-e-a-yootiful. The only bad thing is that there isn't a mirror in the lid which can be slightly annoying.
I would really recommend having a look at these blushers if you find that most just melt off your cheeks during a long day, which is what I normally get.
These definitely stick around for good, and I'm totally eyeing up a really amazing purpley shade they have. When's pay day...?

Thanks for reading!

Here's some lovely before and after photos for you to laugh at:

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday Chat | Palette Lust List

Hey! I hope you've had a really good weekend.
What have I been up to? Well, it feels like my life only consists of tidying, unpacking and sorting these days, even though I moved in over two weeks ago now. I managed to get some blog photos done yesterday morning so I will have some content up over the next week, hooray! I hope you're excited; I'm excited.
Anyway, as usual with my Sunday posts, this is just going to be a chatty no-photo no-fuss ramble, basically. This time, it's about the palettes I'm lusting after right now.

Have you seen this? Holy shit, that's my Christmas list sorted. Everything Hourglass makes is so beautiful. I don't actually own anything of theirs, but it's hard not to trust the millions of reviews which say their products are absolutely top notch. So this palette looks like it has highlights, setting powders, blusher and bronzer. So basically everything. I read a blog post which said this palette would be $79... so £50? That seems a steal considering each powder is around £35. And you get six...? Surely not. If this is a US exclusive, I will cry.

This was buzzing around the blogosphere a few months back, and I haven't got over it quite yet. It  really does look amazing, I love the warm browns and the touch of pinky mauve- ness for the autumn season. Plus, it is somehow only £15- a really good deal if the product is as good as everyone is saying!

You hear a lot about CT's Dolce Vita, but personally, Vintage Vamp appeals to me a bit more. It's probably those beautiful deep maroons which look absolutely dreamy. I've been hunting for a good quad recently, as I find my collection is significantly lacking in anything between a single and a 16-pan whopper, and I have pondered on these many a time. The only snag is that they cost as much as a Naked Palette, and house significantly less shades. Still, it does look like total quad- perfection...

Chocolate and make-up, my two favourite things, brought together in this beautiful array of eyeshadow goodness. Could it get any better? Basically, no, it can't. The colour selection is this palette is right up my alley, with some buttery mid-tone crease shades, bronzey browns, and hints of purple and red. Amazing. Is it my birthday yet?

So yeah, I hope you enjoyed this, and can sympathise a little with my palette obsession.
Thanks for reading!
Lou x

Saturday, 19 September 2015

2 Budget Gloss options

I am having a real lip gloss moment at the moment, which is inconvenient, because most of the world seems obsessed with the matte-est of matte lips. 
I just find gloss really easy to wack on and trust that it won't crack or crumble off in a really really unattractive way, which is my main fear with anything matte.
I also don't really have it in me to buy a high-end lipgloss (except the Clarins Lip Perfecters which are the bomb.com), so I set about finding a couple of bargain-ous highstreet options. These are the two I have been using over the last few weeks, both with a ridiculous price tag, so I thought Id share them with you.

First of all, this is the XXL nude (??) Lipgloss from Essence in the shade Soft Almond. This was something amazing like £1.90 from Wilko's, and I really like the formula, which is more wet gel rather than sticky? If ya know what I mean. Lovely stuff. Lasting power isn't great, but its lipgloss, what do you expect? It's not pigmented either, just adding a gloss of nude to the lips, really easy for every day. I personally think this a great find, and such a bargain. I do remember looking at the other colours and seeing a lot of glitter, so I'm not sure if I'll be going back for seconds, but it depends on the shades.

Lip Boss from Barry M. First of all, I think I love the name? I started off thinking it was a bit stupid, but I think I've warmed to the idea. I also think the packaging is really quite nice, its pretty solid and hefty. The colour looks neon- bright in the tube but it really isn't all that bad.

As you can see here, its more a wash of warm peach. Pretty inoffensive and pretty, probably more suited for summer but oh well. I remember this being £3.50, which is a pretty good deal. The downside to this product is the smell- which is something like really cheap oranges. I really hate it.

Between the two, I would say the Essence one is my favourite, colour and formula wise, and for the price you really cant complain.

Thanks for reading!

Lou x

Monday, 14 September 2015

Nineties Nails

Oh hey! I am back. I have been away moving house, not having wi-fi, and generally doing adult things. BUT. I have returned, and I'm hoping to really crack out some posts over the next few weeks - I have a lot of stuff I want to review.

But first of all, here's a lovely well-lit shot of some really neat nails.
Okay, okay, my camera was running out of battery and I'm a horrible nail- painter but I just wanted to show you this beautiful Barry M Gelly Shine Polish in Coconut. Isn't it creamy deliciousness?
This will definitely look amazing on darker skin tones, and probably is a bit more summer than autumn, but hey, I'm rolling with it.

Anyway, I look forward to cramming some content on here, so look out for it, and I'll speak to you soon!

Thanks for reading,
Lou xo