Sunday, 21 February 2016

New Fragrances

I had a fragrance moment in January, and really went on the hunt for a delicious new perfume. Luckily, it was my birthday, so I was actually able to pick up a second one in the sales (January is the best time to have a birthday).

So Jo Malone... I've definitely been lusting after the brand in general for a while now, and picking just one to take home as my own was actually really difficult. I went into Selfridges convinced I was going to pick up English Pear and Freesia, but after smelling it again I decided it was too sweet and sickly, and so the field lay wide open to the whole range, and I finally settled on Nectarine Blossom and Honey. Not one I hear much about, but I really like it. Even though it's Honey and blossom, I wouldn't say it's too sweet, it's a good mix of floral fresh and sweet, which is perfect for day time.

In the sales, I had real luck in Debenhams looking at their reduced Fragrance gift sets from Christmas- such a good tip, if you're after a fragrance, it is always worth waiting until after Christmas to see if the gift set has been reduced, because they always get knocked down a lot and become way cheaper than buying the perfume alone. I chose Love Story by Chloe which is a delicious warm-ish fragrance - quite eveningy- but not as sweet and sultry as my Georgio Armani Si which I still love. I think I managed to pick up this 50ml bottle with a body lotion for around £38 - pretty good considering the perfume alone is normally priced at over 60£. I just had a quick google and you can still get a good deal over at Boots -  .

So yeah, just a quick ramble about ma new smellz, love em, have a whiff next time you get a chance :)

Thanks for reading!
Lou x