Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Stila ~ In the Garden Palette | Review

Hello, you look nice.

I think I've been a bit slow on the scene for this one, but I have to say I'm really glad I picked this palette up.

I think this is the perfect collecting for someone like me, who loves a neutral look, but wants a cheeky dabble in some colours now and again, and this palette has a dash of blue, green and purple thrown in around the standard neutrals,

I apologise for the horrible swatches, but the light really wasn't doing the colours any favours, you'll  just have to believe me that they are one-swipe swatches and a really smooth texture.

The only change I would make to this palette is add a deeper matte shade or two- the only two completely matte colours are Chinois and Nectar, which are too light to deepen the crease with.

Apart from that, this is a really nice all- round palette, with nice everyday shades (Chinois,Nectar, Breeze, Bark, Sage), and the brighter shades (Honey, Freesia, Rossette, Juniper) for when you feel a touch adventurous.

Overall, I would recommend- lovely texture, good lasting power and I really like the selection of shades in here.

Thanks for reading!

Lou x