Friday, 20 February 2015

Revolution 'I Heart my Lips' Collection/ Review

I love Make Up Revolution. Normally.

Unfortunately, this collection of I Love my Lips lipsticks which came as free gift ( so I can't really complain) with my order, are quite disappointing. 
I haven't actually tried anything else lips-wise from Revolution, and so I was pretty excited to get a whole free set of these. 
On arrival, I actually got five out of six, and a two of 'Irregular Heartbeat' which is a shame, so I don't have the red shade which is called Heart Attack.
The packaging is obviously a copy of MAC's bullet shaped lipsticks, but it has a shiny, rather than matte finish, and feels a lot lighter and, well, pretty cheap. The purple shade, Racing Heart, was actually broken when it arrived, and is really hard to twist up. 

This is 'Heart is Pumping' and it is probably my favourite one of the bunch. It's very sheer (as they all all are) and is basically a very subtle pink. Very little to complain about here, but nothing to get excited about. You can't build up this colour as it is so sheer, but it's a very quick easy option if you want something balmy and tinted. This lipstick actually broke when I did the arm swatch which is SO annoying.

This is 'Beating Heart' and actually this one is not so bad. It is a nice medium pink which applies pretty evenly, and actually stayed in place quite well which is good. You can build this one up to a certain extent but the finish gets a little patchy after a while.

This is a coral shade, which is Irregular Heartbeat. It looks nice when just patted onto the lips, for a really subtle corally- lip. HOWEVER, you can build it up, but please don't. It sinks into all the lines on my lips, goes patchy, and suddenly becomes quite neon- and not in a nice way. Again, as a subtle shade applied carefully, this one is okay, but nothing amazing.

This is the nude shade, which is Rising Pulse, and is actually really pretty. Sheer, like the rest of them, but a nice medium- nude with peachy brown undertones. Very nice, I like this one.

Lastly, this is Racing Heart, and I don't think it gives credit to how awfully  it applied. On the website it looks like a rich purple, but it's more like a berry-red which is pretty patchy, and just generally quite horrible. Sorry make up Revolution!

Out of the collection I would recommend Rising Pulse as a really nice nude sheer lipstick. The two pinks are alright, but nothing special, but I would say steer clear of the coral and purple- not good. 
I'm a bit disappointed because Revolution haven't let me down before, but I will definitely be thinking twice before purchasing any other lip products from them.
HOWEVER, the rest of my order was absolutely amazing, and I will include a few top items in a full review or a collective review.

Hope this was helpful, thank you for reading!
Lou x