Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Revolution Salvation Palette [What You Waiting For?]

If you live in the UK and you haven't tried anything from Make Up Revolution yet, sort your life out. 
I've tried a few things, I have a couple of their other eyeshadow palettes, the £4 ones instead of this £6 version (I'm such a big spender), and they are really good, but I have to say this palette- called What You Waiting For- which is part of the 'Salvation Palette' range, is far superior in quality, colour range, and packaging. It has a huge mirror which is always good, and the layout of the eyeshadows is nice and clear. The circular shades are a row of matte, and the rest are shimmers which I think is a GREAT way to lay a palette out. I have swatches of all three rows, but unfortunately no names for individual eyeshadows because I  threw away the little plastic sheet which came inside with them on.

This is the matte row, and I think if you're looking for a basic selection of matte shades, this is a really good one. All of these shades are really smooth and pigmented, I don't know if the white will show up so well, just because my arm is so white it's probably just blended in. So there's a basic white, light brown which is perfect for the crease, and then a light and dark dusty pink which are so lovely, I probably use these two the most out of the matte shades. On the end theres a deep chocolate brown and a really black black. These swatches were one-swipe only, and the black really comes out very pigmented. 

This is the bottom row of shimmers, so the middle row of the three. This row is hit and miss it has to be said. The three shimmery shades on the left are amazing. So pigmented and pretty, a champagne/ pink (the pinkness didn't come out so well in the photo), a bright gold and a nice baby pink. I have to say I don't use the bright pink so much because its so shimmery and colourful, but it is so pretty. The colours on the left are a bit of a disappointment. Firstly because the colours are almost identical, and secondly because somehow the formula has just completely failed on these three. They are patchy and not very pigmented, and I don't tend to reach for these at all.

Fear not! This top row is definitely my favourite. Although the three in the middle look VERY similar, they are actually all slightly different. At the far left there is the most amazing cream/ champagne shimmer which is pigmented and can be used as a highlighter as well as a base shade. The next two are both medium shimmery browns, one just slightly darker than the other, and the third is a slightly pink/purple version of the same shade. - This shade actually picks up a lot more purple when applied on the lid than on a swatch, the next is a more chocolatey warm shimmery brown which is amazing. The last one looks like a dark/brown plum in the pan but comes out looking like a dirty brown which isn't really worth looking at as the pigmentation and quality is similar to the last three on the previous row. 

Overall, about 75% of this palette is amazing, and the other 25% is disappointing. For £6 I think this is a well- rounded collection, and even if you ignore the four rubbish shades, the other 14 make up for it. I would recommend having a look at this palette if you were looking for a selection of some neutral mattes and shimmers, with a couple of pinky shades thrown in.

I used a couple of shades from this palette (the lightest shimmery brown on the top row, and the darkest in the crease) on top of the Maybelline 'On and on bronze' cream eyeshadow this morning, and just added a flick of eyeliner and some mascara for a neutral everyday look.
Hope you enjoy, thanks for reading!
Lou x