Thursday, 21 May 2015

My Brow Game

(Don't you hate when Superdrug put those stickers on everything?)

For a girl with tri-colour hair which can look anything from brown to ginger to blonde on any given day, eyebrows have always been a problem. I also think it's quite hard to find decent eyebrow products in the drugstore for fairer hair. I've tried a lot of pencils, and have found so many red-toned browns masquerading as 'taupe' or 'blonde', including the Rimmel 'Hazel' eyebrow pencil which looked hideous on me. (If you have darker auburn hair, that pencil would be perfection for you).
Recently, I feel like I've really found my eyebrow jam. It started with the Soap & Glory Archery pencil, which I resisted for so long, but finally bit the bullet and gave it a go.

So my only gripe with this you can see in the top photo- the pencil end totally crumbled within weeks of buying it, but I'm fairly sure that's because I've thrown it around my room a fair few times. Fingers crossed my next one won't do that. I opted for the double-ended product, which has the pencil at one end and the pen at the other, since I figured it was only £2 more and basically double the product. Fabulous.
So basically I love this. The perfect colour, lovely natural finish, and both sides achieve pretty much the same result so it'll last twice as long! I've already bought two back ups, and I'm fairly convinced that this is my holy grail eyebrow product. (in the shade Love is Blonde.)

The second product is the L'Oreal Brow Plumper in Light/Medium, which is a really recent find, but one which I feel has taken my brows to the next level. I've always used a clear mascara as a brow gel, mostly because I didn't see the point of buying a tinted one if you've already filled your brows in, but also because I've never found a good one. This one is really good. It holds the hairs in place and apparently adds fibres to make your brows look thicker... I don't know about thicker, but my brows look ( I hope) pretty in- place and shaped. (I know I need to pluck my brows, exam period has just finished ok?)

So yeah, I think these two are a really good combo in colour and product, and I've heard great things about the darker shades too!
Thanks for reading!
Lou x