Friday, 24 April 2015

Mascara Promotion

Mascara is one thing which I find more 'completely terrifying' than 'very exciting', unlike most other make- up. I know what I like, and I am VERY hesitant to try new things, basically because a lot of things just don't work for me. My lashes generally just need a lot of work, two coats at least, and not much seems to hold the curl like my 17 Va Va Voom mascara
However, sitting in my 'reserves and overspill' section of my drawer was the Maxfactor False Lash Effect Fusion mascara,which I bought probably a year ago now. 

Firstly, pretty impressed that it's not dry.
Secondly, that 'giving everything a second, third and forth chance' is true, even for mascaras.
I whipped it out today and gave it a proper go, and I am AMAZED by the results. I remember that the other times I've used it that it gave me no volume, and didn't hold a curl at all. Well, my lashes were obviously having a bad day those times because this thing holds a curl really, really well.

I don't even think this picture does credit to the lashes. 
Volume is maybe not what we've got here. Instead, it's separating, lifting, and SUPER lengthening. Love it.
The only thing with my 17 mascara is that it's very volumising, and when layered up can get quite dramatic very quickly which isn't always what I want. This one needs two layers- but what mascara doesn't, especially on my lashes- and it builds beautifully, keeping everything separated and fluttery- looking the whole time.

So, this mascara is being promoted from the box into the make- up bag, and I am very excited to use it some more.

Thanks for reading!
Lou x