Monday, 13 April 2015

My New Favourite Nude Lipstick for Summer

I bought a Kiko lipstick at the weekend, which I did talk about in my weekend post about my cheeky kiko purchases, but I needed to share an update. 
The lipstick is A-mazing.
Peachy pinky nude, moisturising, a natural sheen, a hint of glitter...

What's not to love? I think peachy nudes are the most flattering on my skin tone, but Kiko do tonnes of colours in these 'Smart Lipsticks' (this shade is 906), and they are £5, reduced to £2.50 most of the time.
Those of you who don't have a Kiko near you, I would seriously consider doing an order online, 99% of Kiko stuff is amazing and really worth the money.

What is your favourite summer nude lipstick?

Thanks for reading!
Lou x